A Complete Guide to Popular Gaming Chairs

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Imagine after hours of gaming, you’re close to winning and suddenly a sharp shooting pain in your back causes you to lose. Would you want that to happen?

Sounds like a nightmare? The solution is to invest in an excellent gaming chair.

If you are passionate about gaming then a gaming chair is the best way to keep yourself comfortable, relaxed and focused during gaming sessions. Gamers spend countless hours sitting stationary are more susceptible to chronic sitting disease and bad posture habits.

Proper gears for gaming, such as gaming chairs have become drastically popular due to their design, adjustability features and comfort. While these chairs are meant to be used for gaming, they are also perfect for office use as the chairs promote good postures and keep comfort levels high. Studies have revealed that having a good sitting posture boosts your mood and focus increasing productivity.

Want to find out more about some of the more popular gaming chairs? In this blog, we will discuss the types, features, and benefits of gaming chairs so you can understand the importance of having a gaming chair.

What are the Types of Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs come in different designs to provide comfort and support to the body for different purposes. Each chair has its specific use so before making a purchase it is good to know about the different types of gaming chairs.

PC Gaming Chairs

PC gaming chairs have a tall backrest and multiple adjustable parts so that users can adjust the chair to suit their needs. This keeps your whole body aligned so you can play or work tirelessly for hours. This type of chair can also be used in an office setup.

Console Gaming Chairs

Console gaming chairs are specifically designed with a console player in mind. These versatile chairs generic in shape and low to the ground taking into account the absence of a table.

Note that a console gaming chair is not ergonomic and cannot be used in an office setup.

Bean Bag

A bean bag chair is usually filled with foam bead and is covered with fabric. It is perfect for casual gaming sessions as it doesn’t provide sufficient support to your back nor you can get any meaningful work done while sitting on it. As it is made to be used without a table.

What are the Features of the most popular Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is much different from a regular chair as it is combined with special features so that the gamers can remain relaxed for long hours. Are you planning to buy a gaming chair? Keep a lookout for the following features:

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic gaming chair is designed to provide support to your body, improve posture and enhance comfort. Most gaming chairs have multiple ergonomic features such as a padded headrest, lumbar support and adjustable parts. These features are necessary to maintain your physical wellness and keep you relaxed by catering to every user’s personal preference

Ergonomic design is what separates a gaming chair from a traditional chair as it:

  • Highly adjustable: Caters to the needs of each individual (height adjustment, armrests and recline to name a few)
  • Lumbar support: The chair is designed to support the natural curvature of the spine which reduces back muscle fatigue and promotes popper sitting posture
  • High backrest: Gives additional support to the neck and shoulder region.

System Compatibility and Technology

Each chair is designed for a specific gaming type so make sure that the gaming seat you are buying is compatible with your gaming setup for optimal comfort

Most notably, the height of your table should be consistent with that of the chair.


Gaming chairs are usually more pricey than average chairs so quality is important when choosing the correct brand. Lookout for the consistency of the foam, upholstery material and finishing as well as the quality of the mechanism. For instance, the quality of the stitching is a good way to gauge the brand’s attention to detail

What are the Benefits of Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs usually comes with a lumbar support and multiple adjustment features that will promote better sitting posture and in the long run cultivate a good habit of sitting straight and staving off chronic sitting diseases.

Posture Improvement

Posture improvement is one of the major benefits of using a gaming seat. Traditional chairs don’t support your proper body alignment which often leads to back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders. But if you switch to an ergonomic gaming chair your overall body posture will improve and you can sit for long periods without feeling fatigued and an increase in overall performance.

Harmonious Comfort

The gaming chair seats come with angle tilt adjustment which reduces the strain on your muscles, should a quick nap be required. The armrests provide further support to your sitting posture by allowing a more even distribution of body weight. It also keeps you focused by enhancing blood circulation thereby increases your productivity.

Improve Concentration While Playing Games

Sitting in a poor posture leads to discomfort which can be a major source of distraction for a gamer. To counter this, gaming chairs were designed to keep the gamer at ease so they can stay focused and enjoy their game. You can adjust the chair according to your personal needs. Moreover, the wheels attached to gaming chairs make the movement across the room much easier so you do not have to get up every time you need to grab a coffee!

Immersive Computing Capabilities

Gaming seats immerse your body completely while sitting to keep you well-positioned and engaged. Being comfortable while you’re sitting allows you spend hours doing what you love and also increases performance

Another advantage of a gaming chair is that you can adjust your arm to table level. Having your arms parallel to the table is the most ergonomic setup.

Where can You Find the most popular Gaming Chair in Singapore?

Royale Ergonomics provides high-quality ergonomic gaming chairs that are designed and developed in the UK. All our products are tested and approved by professionals (Certified BIFMA 5.1). Should you want to improve support to your back, arms, shoulder and neck while having intense gaming sessions then our chairs are perfect for you.

For more information get in touch with our team.

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