Royale Ergonomics’ Introduction to Car Leather Seat Upholstery

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With the prices of COE rising to all-time highs in recent months, many Singaporeans are opting to do a reupholster of their automobile leather seats instead of purchasing new vehicles. The car leather upholstery industry has already been shrouded in mystery with pricing being relatively opaque. This lack of transparency has resulted in the reupholstery of car leather seats to be a rather unpleasant one.

Royale Ergonomics has decided to enter the industry with the help of Transcal’s 30 years of automotive & aviation upholstery experience. For the past 3 decades, Transcal has been operating in the B2B & OEM space for huge brands such as Honda, Recaro and SIA. Royale Ergonomics aim to bring this quality to the mass market for Singaporeans.

Things to look out for when rewrapping your car's seat

There are several key points you should pay attention to when looking for your service provider for car seat reupholstery. We will be going through the key points mentioned below briefly throughout this article.

  • Upholstery options
  • Upholstery quality
  • Level of customisation
  • Service quality

Upholstery Options

There are wide variety of options for upholstery for your car seats available on the market. Due to the lack of information regarding this topic, it may seem extremely confusing on first glance.

  • Faux Leather
    • The budget option for reupholstery service for cars. Faux Leather (e.g. PVC, PU Leather, Vegan Leather, Leatherette) is the most affordable option which tends to get a bad reputation due to the misconception of the ease of peeling & cracking. However, this may not be true depending on the quality of faux leather used during the car upholstery process. Faux leather usually has a slightly more rubbery feel when compared to genuine leather options. At Royale Ergonomics, the faux leather we use are of the highest quality and mimics the look & feel of genuine leather extremely closely. We also ensure to source and manufacture our faux leather from the best suppliers around the world. This allows our faux leather to be much more durable compared to other car upholstery service providers on the market.
  • Half/Full Leather
    • When automotive upholstery service providers use the term leather, they often refer to corrected-grain leather. This is a type of genuine cowhide leather which typically has an artificially-imprinted grain debossed onto the leather surface. At Royale Ergonomics, our corrected-grain leather are sourced from the best Italian tanneries.
    • Half leather is one of the most popular options for car reupholstery & OEM due to its perfect compromise between quality & value. Half leather refers to the use of Leather on the contact points of the car seat (the front) and faux leather on the back. Another point to take note of when selecting this option would be to clarify with the service provider which portion of the car will be upholstered in genuine leather. Some service providers may opt to cut cost and have only the middle portion of the front upholstered in genuine leather and the sides in faux leather.
    • Full leather refers to having the entire car leather seats upholstered in corrected grain leather.
  • Half/Full Nappa Leather
    • One of the most premium options for car seat upholstery available. Nappa leather is a luxurious form of cowhide leather which has been processed in such a way where it is softer and smoother than typical cowhide leather. Its prints are fine and barely visible, giving a great touch & feel. Royale Ergonomics supply of Nappa leather comes from Italy where the same supplier also supplies to other high-end cars such as Bentley and Porsche.
    • Half Nappa follows the same concept as half leather where the front is upholstered in Nappa Leather and its back in faux leather.
    • Full Nappa simply means the entire car seat, front & back, will be upholstered in Nappa leather.
  • Suede
    • Another popular option especially within models of sports car. The main purpose of suede in sports car is to provide a good amount of friction to prevent movement when swerving left & right. However, in recent times, suede has come to be a luxurious option which provides soft & breathable comfort.
    • The most popular brand of suede would be Alcantara (offered by Royale Ergonomics). This brand of suede is extremely expensive due to the difficulty of sourcing for this material in Singapore. Do note that it is a common misconception that Alcantara is not a material but rather, a popular brand of suede. Royale Ergonomics offers its own brand of patented suede called alston which offers an almost indistinguishable touch & feel from Alcantara at a much more affordable price point.

Upholstery Quality

There are plenty of things to pay attention to when looking at the quality of upholstery of car seats.

The most obvious thing to look at would be the quality of the material/leather used. Some car upholstery service providers may offer super low prices but the material used may not be of the highest quality. This will result in the cracking or peeling of the material after a couple years of use. The material of lower quality may not provide a good feel or look resulting in a lack of value. To better understand the quality of materials provided, we suggest you to visit a couple of car upholstery service providers and feeling the materials used before making a decision.

At Royale Ergonomics, we make sure to use only the best quality materials which has been well-tested for decades in Singapore & Europe.

Other minor details such as the stitching & templating can play a huge role in how the overall aesthetics of the car seat upholstery turns out. Uneven stitching will cause the car upholstery to look messy and untidy. A badly done templating of the car upholstery will cause the upholstery be badly fitted, resulting in an unpleasant result.

Customsiation Options

When we plan to upholster our car seats, we want it to look different and fresh. However, the cost associated with customisation of car’s upholstery is often exorbitant. To make matters more difficult, few automotive upholstery providers have the expertise to provide any significant level of customisation.

The first thing that can be customised in the upholstery of the car would be the colour of the material used. Different panels of the car leather can be upholstered in different colours to create a unique combination/theme which you like. At Royale Ergonomics, we offer the largest selection of colours available in Singapore. We also do not charge any extra for choosing multiple colours. You are able to fully customise the colour of your car upholstery down to the colour of the stitching used.

Another popular option when doing car upholstery would be add certain patterns to improve the aesthetics. A few of these patterns would include the use of large field embroidery (LFE). Some of the more common patterns would be diamonds, hexagons or perforation. Some of these patterns are often combined to create a unique look.

One of Royale Ergonomics’ main advantage that it has developed over the years would be logo customisation. Traditionally, logo customisation on car upholstery is extremely expensive with many restrictions such as colours & level of detail. At Royale Ergonoimcs, we are able to provide additional customisation of logo at a very low cost so you can create a unique piece of car upholstery which is sure to wow anyone.

Service Quality

One of the most important yet overlooked aspect of car upholstery in Singapore in the level of service provided during the car upholstery experience. Car upholstery is something that most Singaporeans do not have a lot of experience in as we only require a reupholstery of our car seats every 5 years or so.

Thus, it is important for us to find out as much as possible before investing into the car upholstery service. At Royale Ergonomics, we aim to make your car upholstery experience not just a pleasant one, but an informative & educational one as well. Without any obligations, you can head down to our showroom or workshop and we will be happy to attend to you and talk to you about the various upholstery options available. We also aim to provide you a seamless car upholstery experience by minimising the downtime of your vehicle. Typically, our total downtime for the vehicle is less than a single day in the event.

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